Experience the Difference

When you select us to be your Certification Authority, you will immediately experience the difference and there are reasons for it. We are unique in a number of ways which distinguishes our service: We are the original designer of the technology used for issuing Electronic Certificate of Origin. Over decades we have perfected the technology, yet we strive hard to harness the power of continuous improvement. As a result, you get the most productive technology and user experience. We carry the rich heritage of Ozdocs International. Ozdocs is the longest-serving technology company in the export market. What more, we have continued relentlessly to improve our product and services. That is what gives us a stable user base and longevity. We can have our resources at your disposal to integrate your in-house system, thanks to our intellectual capital inherited from Ozdocs. All in all, these are the compelling reasons that you will feel the difference when you use our certification services.
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